Shenzhen City Kun Splendid Technology Limited was founded in 2006,the company is mainly engaged in research and development, high-end fashion consumer electronics design, production and sales as one of the Industrial and Trading Company, the company owns strong technical research and development, production capacity, excellent quality control class factory, professional experience in foreign trade business, efficient service to many international first-class brand.

The establishment of the company's two independent brands——MEJOR & GOBIBOX, covering high-end, quality and brilliant color, bright light in the two main product categories, with professional product designers, product design for advancing real attention to market changes and customer needs to supplement and improve the product line, continuously improve the company's development speed and strengthen brand the influence of.

Shenzhen Kun Splendid Technology Limited sales platform for Alibaba website: International Exhibition and Exhibition for the station, the annual HKTDC two season position first-class double brand booth; and from the beginning of 2015 to participate in international exhibitions, this fall for the German IFA international brand exhibition hall. The rapid development of the company needs to invite the ability, vitality, thinking, ideas, experience and the pursuit of high-end talents to join the company and seek

Company customer groups are divided into two categories. Luxury stores: the United States and Britain's first big department stores department stores and department stores, Martha: Messi CK, Kate Spade, Coach more than 10 world-class high-end department stores and luxury stores; another is a large-scale retail terminal: Sam 's Club, Target, T-Mobile, Valore and other international well-known terminal. Has its own factory in Dongguan, through the ISO quality system and SGS factory and each big brand customers, with strong production strength, excellent quality; other partners are the domestic industry's top companies and factories, foreign customers can through the most stringent inspection requirements and production ordes.